I don't know if I'm imagining this or if I'm making it up

I wouldn say no one gives a shit anymore women using vibrator, it just isn a major topic in the news as of late. The 10th amendment says that any leftover powers not in the Constitution are to be delegated to the States. The Constitution never included marriage, even straight marriage. Now, also throughout my […]

If it beneficial for me to chase the rescuer, I will

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You, my friend, have paid a high fucking price

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Instead, like the Catholic Church that spends more time

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Way worse than normal period pains for her

It helped elect trump with jumping rates and doing nothing about drug cost.none of these other plan are necessary transitional steps if anything they are a waste of resources as we will then need to transition from them, another waste.medicare for all is litmus test, acid test, purity test, economics test.if someone can understand how […]