Over the study period, 602 participants died

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Each suit also has face cards (sometimes called court cards)

They have suits, except instead of hearts yeti tumbler colors, diamonds, clubs and spades, the suits are cups, wands (sometimes rods or staves), swords and pentacles (sometimes coins or discs). Each suit also has face cards (sometimes called court cards), but instead of jack, queen, king, ad ace, it page, knight yeti tumbler colors, queen, […]

Whether they're in your crockpot or on your stove

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Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday released her 2018 tax return

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I'd say if you find yourself in a desperate mental state like

First basic automation shifted most people from simple manual labor to advanced labor with tools. Then automation switched the bulk of jobs to manufacturing and overseeing large machines physically making goods. The last wave of automation shifted more people into white collar jobs where there is no physical labor, but mental work with paper and […]