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my palms have never been sweatier One remark above all shows that the argument on the subject of inequality has reached a qualitatively different level. At one point, Vidal warns that social upheaval is in store, pointing to the fact that 5 percent of the population controls 20 percent of the income. He was an […]

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They just only care that you in fact being born. How the fuck does that make any sense?Also this whole damn notion of being thumping Constitutionalists but have no issues throwing out the concept of separation of church and state. Now I in a pissy mood. canada goose uk black friday Now I have a […]

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So after more research i found that enhanced sync doesnt cap the framerate (source). The reason ive never had microstutters is because i had chill activated which also caps my framerate (AMD source). I not very familiar with Chill but keeping your framerate consistent and capped under the monitors refresh rate to keep it in […]

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I didn't throw her 2.5 meters, but she did love jumping from the end of the patio dining table and into peoples laps (technically hands I guess, we'd hold them out above our laps to make sure she didn't bounce right off), which is maybe 1 1.5 feet. We'd set her on the table […]

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Many balance changes to guns and items, which should make red chests more consistently goodBecause its very hard to balance a game that is entirely based on random drops, Original Isaac and even Rebirth when it came out suffered A LOT from trash items being useless, good items being insane. So does Gungeon, less so […]

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The Edinburgh Festivals Passport is for trade sales only, offering small group and FIT clients a 'best of the fests' experience, handpicked by a festivals insider at preferential rates. The passport is available as part of a 3 or 5 night Scotland package, from $1390 CAD, including accommodation, tickets, tours and ground transport, bookable through […]